When your daily routine is charged with positive emotions, each step, no matter how small, paves the path to lasting change

Celebrating my 1500 Cycling Days Milestone with Pride

Celebration isn’t about boasting; it's about honoring your achievements with respect. On November 12, 2015, I made a commitment to put my health first. Nutrition and exercise, particularly cycling, became my focus. Starting with short distances, since I hadn't exercised in years, I gradually built up to a near-daily habit over time, despite the occasional setbacks. My name is Ward Roef and at this link you can read my Journey and the reason for my change.

Using the STREAKS app to keep track of my cycling, I focused on the journey rather than any specific goal. From February 17, 2020, I began cycling 20 km every day—rain or shine, holidays or weekdays. By March 26, 2024, I celebrated cycling 20 km daily for 1500 consecutive days—that's 30,000 km, a milestone worth celebrating.

My rides often start at 5 AM, but I adapt to fit my schedule, ensuring I always make time for the day's ride. That way I created an Antifragile Habit.

Want to achieve a similar goal? Dive into the Habit2day Workflow. Choose a sport you love—no one does something for 1500 days straight unless they enjoy it. Make it enjoyable with “Temptation Bundling.” I listen to audiobooks while cycling, turning exercise time into learning time.

Invest in a quality bike and maintain it well. Dress for the weather—there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. A reliable weather app like Weather Pro can help you dress appropriately. Select a scenic route to unwind; this is my Zen time—me, my bike, and nature, with all distractions silenced.

Capture beautiful moments with your camera, and use Focus Mode to stay in the 'cycling zone,' only allowing apps that enhance your biking and morning routine.

Look at my photo's.

If cycling isn't your thing, these tips can be tailored to any activity you love, be it dancing, running, hiking, badminton, swimming … The key is to look forward to it every time.