Habit2day – Build Lifelong Antifragile Habits

Why do 90% of New Year's resolutions fail by January 15th? It's not because the idea of a fresh start doesn't work – it does. A fresh start can be the first day of the week, a birthday, a new job, or a move. These are all perfect times to kick off a new habit. Yet, most falter by aiming too high, too fast. At Habit2day, we advocate for the opposite: start small. Very small.

Celebrating 1500 days of consistent cycling, I’ve learned that success isn’t about willpower; it’s about setting up a workflow that minimizes the need for it. How? By following the Habit2day workflow. That workflow is a compass that sends you in the right direction instead of a strict method. That’s right, you need a compass and not another unrealistic guru method or system.

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t assemble an IKEA shelf without instructions, right? So why do we tackle new habits without a guide? We see others maintaining weight, punctuality, or daily runs and think, "I can do that too," only to fall short. Not due to lack of effort, but because we skip the essential steps.

Here at Habit2day, we're not about grandiose goals like losing 30 kilos or boosting sales by 200%. We start with habits so simple, you'll think they’re too easy to fail – yet, without the right compass, they often do. Our Habit2day workflow is about learning to walk before you can run, about building self-trust and mastering the habit creation skill – one of the most valuable for a lifetime.

Embark on this journey not expecting a life turnaround in a week. This is long-term. But in a year, two, three, you’ll look back amazed at how far you've come. Small daily steps can lead to massive changes over time. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Ready to take the first step? Let’s begin with Level 1: the basics, the foundation, the baby steps. Master these, and you're set for the next level. If mastering Level 1 of the Habit2day workflow is all you do this year, that’s perfect. Because once it’s second nature, you’re truly ready to grow.

Welcome to Habit2day, where we don’t just start habits – we nurture them for life. Ready to read the Habit2day workflow manual? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and unlock the power of antifragile habits.